Good tips for playing poker

Good tips for playing poker

Playing poker is easy, but playing poker masterfully is hard. At least psychology, math, and intuition are needed to master the game. Poker is also now popular online, with Situs IDN Poker Online offering online poker. However, there are a few universal things that need to be in order to get into a winning game. In this article, we present five good tips for poker that will greatly improve your poker stats by learning.

Don’t play too many hands. The position is of great importance

Many players are impatient when good hands do not come for a long time and therefore start playing with weak starting hands. It is very important that you do not play with bad starting hands especially when you are sitting at a table in an early position. A late position, a CO, or a button, can be played with even slightly more speculative hands. Remember that the stake saved is as valuable as the stake won. The fact that the 85 of the same hand in your hand would have turned from flop to flush or straight should not continue to influence your decisions.

Be careful not to form favorite hands. Many times, players report “always” playing their favorite hands like 86 in the same country or QJ in different countries. Don’t commit to things like this but always play to the best of your ability. There is no place for sentimentality in poker.

Stay calm, don’t tilt.

He often hears a player describing himself as a good player as long as he is not on the tilt. In poker, a single hand is also very much based on luck and no matter how well you play the hand, you sometimes lose it when your opponent’s desperate bet or even a completely silly all-in brings a win against your top hand. When several of these accumulate over a short period of time, the danger of Tilt is great. The player on the tilt does not play rationally but starts playing with worse hands, betting too high, bluffing at the wrong points, etc. So the game strategy spreads completely into the hands. You have to understand that sometimes luck kicks in and sometimes you don’t and stick to a perceived game strategy regardless of whether luck has been tried in previous divisions.

Learn to give up your hands.

Remember that winning poker is based on logic and math, not the mutu principle. For example, on the river, if you need one more to get a flush, then the probability of getting it is 9/46, or about 20%. The line open from the ends, on the other hand, is realized with a probability of 8/46, ie about once in six. You need to be willing to give up your hand if someone else bets so much that the odds are against you, no matter how tempting you are to see if your top hand comes true. Similarly, if a player in a few hands suddenly gets excited to bet, he is likely to have a very good hand. Be prepared to give up a top pair or a top pair at that point, no matter how originally you were excited about the “pocket aces”.